• Fixed application Exposé in macOS Ventura
  • Perform Keystroke action can now type keystrokes involving the numpad or navigation keys (e.g. arrow keys, home, end, etc.)
  • Fixed bug where sometimes a gesture would get "stuck" down
  • xGestures no longer freezes indefinitely when interacting with apps that have unresponsive UI
  • Fixed rendering bugs when drawing a gesture path
  • Fixed gestures being misdetected due to small movements from certain mice with high refresh rates (e.g. the MX518)
  • Fixed erroneous rocker gesture that could occur after switching away from an app that has gestures disabled


  • Fixed crash when the computer wakes from sleep or switches users, primarily affecting macOS Ventura
  • Added an advanced settings section with a toggle for filtering events at the annotated session level (which fixes compatibility with SteerMouse when enabled)
  • Quit and Hide Application actions no longer break with some electron apps
  • Fixed a bug that made Activity Monitor report xGestures as being unresponsive
  • Fixed a bug where erroneous mouse up events would trigger erroneous clicks (fix for Parsec)


  • Is now a Apple Silicon / Intel universal binary
  • Fixed several crashes including one that could occur at pretty much any time
  • Automatically removing quarantine flag
  • Added a feature for bringing windows to the front before executing a keystroke or menu item action
  • Removed erroneous nag about enabling accessibility features in the pref pane
  • Finally using proper punctuation for semantic versioning


  • Is now a 64-bit bit app and compatible with macOS 10.15
  • Fixed a crash when using a Chinese keyboard layout
  • Renamed "Zoom Window" action to "Fullscreen Window" and added new action for zooming properly
  • Fixed the "Start xGestures when logging in" setting
  • Finally fixed that annoying bug where the gesture list would mix up all the gesture names
  • Fixed a crash when xGestures would scan the menu items of an app
  • Fixed the uninstall button
  • More gracefully handling the app starting when it does not have accessibility permissions


  • Fixed bug that would cause left mouse clicks to sometimes behave oddly in macOS 10.13.
  • Fixed long time bug where rock right gestures could cause the item under the gesture to be double clicked
  • Improved reliability of Mission Control / Exposé related actions


  • xGestures is now freeware! No more demo or nag screens.
  • Fixed issue where installing in macOS 10.12 wouldn't work.
  • Fixed bug where two different applications with the same name but different bundle IDs couldn't be added at the same time (e.g. Chrome and Chrome Canary)


  • Finally fixed enabling accessibility in OS X 10.9 and later
  • Visualizations appear on all desktops
  • Finally fixed purchase link
  • Finally code signing the application and preference pane


  • Fixed issue with keystroke gestures randomly not working in Snow Leopard
  • Improved application detection (Microsoft Office 2008 and Google Chrome should work now)
  • Keystroke gestures should produce the same keystroke regardless of keyboard localization
  • Fixed the Finnish version of the preference pane
  • Preference pane is now properly 64-bit
  • Certain gestures like "Quit Application" should work more consistently in non-English locales now


  • Is Snow Leopard compatible
  • Added Finnish translation (Thanks Jouni!)
  • Applications with localized names will now work when the default language isn't English
  • Added 'Toggle Spaces' gesture action
  • Disabling global gestures in an application works now
  • Workaround for Firefox 3 crash added
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Fixed hot corners not working in Leopard
  • Fixed Dock problems in Leopard
  • Fixed bug with 'Choose Menu Item' action and changing menu items
  • Other minor (mostly Leopard) bug fixes


  • Added "Minimum movement necessary to gesture" option
  • Fixed registration bug in Leopard
  • Fixed a bug where the nag screen would still pop up after registering the program
  • Fixed zoom gesture action bug
  • Fixed a bug with global gestures and keystroke actions
  • Fixed bug with the 'Type Text' field in the pref pane
  • Other bug fixes


  • Added "Click at Gesture Start" action
  • Added application switcher action
  • Added feature for making the clicked window determine the gesture action, rather than the active application (Tiger only)
  • Added ability to turn off rocker gestures
  • Hopefully fixed the volume / eject actions on Intel macs
  • Also hopefully fixed that obnoxious bug where the context menu would get stuck until you moved the mouse
  • Fixed some visual feedback errors and other stuff that caused incompatibilities with other programs
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Added support for gesturing with a keystroke instead of a mouse button
  • Also added a double click as an alternative method of gesturing. (Available in Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
  • Added descriptions for individuals gestures
  • Substantially improved performance of visual feedback, and it might just work on secondary monitors too.
  • 'Change cursor' visual feedback now tells you which direction you're gesturing as you do it. Neato.
  • Improved program performance slightly
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Visual feedback works on secondary monitors now (this is a half truth actually)
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor jumps to the upper left corner in Dashboard
  • Fixed some keystroke problems, including a bug with the "Next/Previous Application" gesture
  • Numerous other minor bug and feature fixes


  • Added visual feedback for gesturing (finally!)
  • Added "Normal click if there's no movement" feature
  • xGestures is now compatible with Synergy and VNC, and should be compatible with other remote administration software
  • Made close, minimize, and zoom gestures a little more intelligent
  • Fixed a bug where the gesture button would get stuck
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where the cursor would jump unexpectedly when using a dialog gesture
  • Added emergency quit keystroke control-option-end
  • Other minor fixes


  • (Mac OS X 10.4 only) Changed the method xGestures uses to gather mouse input, which means it's not using a kernel extension anymore! Hooray!
  • (Mac OS X 10.4 only) Finally fixed bug with kernel extension randomly not loading on some peoples computers. (See above)
  • (Mac OS X 10.4 only) Wacom tablets, Kensington mice, and other input hardware that was previously not working with xGestures should be fixed now (Also a result of the above update)
  • (Mac OS X 10.4 only) Amalgamated entire xGestures program into the preference pane, like it should have been ages ago. Hooray!
  • (Mac OS X 10.4 only) Program is a universal binary - should run on new x86 Macs.
  • (Mac OS X 10.3 only) Amalgamated almost all of xGestures into the preference pane, but not the kernel extension.
  • New feature: gesture timeout
  • Added new gesture actions specifically for dialogs and sheets.
  • Added "Type Text" gesture action.
  • (Mac OS X 10.4 only) Added "Toggle Dashboard" gesture action.
  • Added gesture actions for volume control and eject.
  • Fixed crashing error when switching applications or sometimes when gesturing to pick a menu item.
  • Fixed error where older style Carbon bundles wouldn't be able to be added to the applications list.
  • Fixed error where xGestures would just crash if you didn't create any gestures after installing.
  • Improved the way the xGestures 15-day trial works.
  • New, less silly icon
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes.


  • Compatible with Tiger. Version 1.4 should be released soon.
  • Fixed horrible horrible kernel panic problems.
  • Installer should work now too.


  • (1.33r1) New installer had risk of causing kernel panic, reverted to old installer
  • (1.33) Fixed crash with opening Finder items and URLs
  • (1.33) Fixed error in pref pane causing it to say 15 day trial has expired prematurely
  • (1.33) Error with login items getting destroyed fixed once and for all
  • (1.33) Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • (1.32) Bug fix: "Pick menu" in global gestures crash fixed for real this time
  • (1.32) Minimizing window with shift key gesture doesn't go in slow motion anymore
  • (1.31) Bug fix: Defining keystrokes in pref pane works again
  • "Apply to window where gesture occurred" feature added for hiding/quitting applications.
  • Compose email works with most email clients now
  • Can add MS Office applications in pref pane now
  • Menu item gestures perform better
  • Bug fix: some keystrokes shouldn't be delayed anymore
  • Bug fix: defining keystroke gestures works better now
  • Various UI bug fixes concerning pref pane


  • (1.22) Gesturing with modifier keys works again.
  • (1.22) You can now define a gesture when editing by gesturing as advertised.
  • (1.21) Program will now actually work propperly if installed for the first time.
  • Can now gesture anywhere on screen for current application.
  • "Edit Gesture" button added to preference pane.
  • Can now define gestures in the preference pane by actually gesturing.
  • Bug fix: gesturing over certain areas of Finder windows doesn't move the window anymore.
  • Bug fix: gesturing / clicking the gesture button over the dock doesn't cause weird things to happen anymore.
  • Bug fix: global gestures that pick a menu item work properly now.
  • And, of course, some other minor bug-fixes.


  • xGestures now works with multiple mice.
  • Bug fix: annoying user interface bug when creating gestures fixed in Preferences Pane.
  • Minimizing et al is now more intelligent.
  • A few more more minor bug-fixes.


  • Added "Apply to window where gesture occurred" feature for minimize, close, and zoom actions.
  • xGestures is now compatible with DoubleCommand and mostly compatible with uControl.
  • Finder is now always on application list in the preferences.
  • Other minor bug-fixes.


  • A mouse gestures program was created.