I've been writing music my entire life. Most of it is electronic, if not down right video gameish, but I've fooled around with orchestral pieces, stuff for small ensembles, accoustic stuff, jazz, retarded stoner music, soundtracks, inspirational fun happy dance pop, and actual video game music. I don't have any plans to compose professionally, but I do plan to write music just for the sake of writing music, and also for my own multimedia projects and whathaveyou.

There probably isn't a lot of music here right now, but I hope to improve that soon enough. I'm going to make an effort to compose more, and actually finish the stuff I start. So as I finish things, I'll put them here on my website.

(Oh yeah, all music is copyright 2006-2010 by Brian Kendall. You are free to download and listen to it, but it is not to be used for any kind of commercial use without my explicit permission.)
(this is a rough mix - full version coming eventually)