Incidentally, I often make computer software in my free time. And also for work. A lot of these projects involve getting macOS and Windows to do things they ordinarily don't want to do, especially when the thing they want to do is all dumb and annoying.

First I have a few "oldie but goodie" macOS applications that I still use to this day:


In my opinion, still the best mouse gestures app for macOS. It's old and clunky but I'm still maintaining it.


A dinky but handy little app that makes the return and/or enter key open files in the Finder... for those of us that miss that behavior from Windows or KDE or whatever.

And here's some notable open source stuff I've made and distributed via my github page:


A tool for specifying a specifc, stable order for DirectInput devices in Windows. You know, the sort of thing that no one should have to have written in the first place!


An app for Windows that maps input from an XInput controller (e.g. an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller) to a vJoy virtual device. Best when paired with devreorder to bring some sanity to your controllers.


A crazy hack for macOS that causes Mission Control to always be invoked with a full size desktop bar. You have disable System Integrity Protection to use it! 🙀


A virtual driver for macOS that sends all its audio to another output device. Meant for adding system-wide volume controls to external audio interfaces whose poor quality drivers don't support that.


A Visual Studio Code extension that provides intent-to-bracket behavior, similar to Sublime Text and various other IDEs


A command line utility for macOS that checks to see if any files are not included in your Time Machine backup for some reason.


A macOS and possibly Linux Python script that leverages dd to make a fast and somewhat efficient raw backup of an entire partition.

The Long Road Homeward - A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Simulation of a Table-Top RPG Created By A Madman Who Is Far Too Amused By His Own Puerile Sense of Humor

A game for mac and Windows I made for the 2019 Global Game Jam over the course of eight hours while I was heinously sleep deprived. If you have a really, really stupid sense of humor like me then you might enjoy this.